The Game

Game Face Etc is a brand created for you by gamers with an awesome clothing line that will make you stand out for all the right reasons.  We offer a unique way for streamers to make money and gain followers on various platforms like YouTube, Twitch and many others when joining our Stream Team.   In addition, we also have an interactive raffle for the community and our fans all over the world. The raffle will be held once a month where the community and our fans will be able to pick what they want raffled off.

Aside from the above mentioned, we also host a gaming tournament,Gameface Etc presents the King of The Console Tournament. This tournament is designed by Gamers for Gamers to give you a 360-degree experience that’s unheard of!  What you can expect from a King of The Console Tournament is an environment that is welcoming to both adults and children. There will be music for your listening pleasure and a photographer capturing all the moments of intensity from the agony of defeat to the sweet pleasures of victory. For the spectators and players waiting for the next rounds, there will be merchandise available and the playstation VR for your enjoyment.  The entire event will be broadcasting live on various social media platforms.