My name is Rhys Middleton, more commonly known in the streaming platform as Mr. Cheez I am a very Active livestreamer

that provides content to get better at creating a platform for myself and GameFaceEtc.

Gameface has provided me a opportunity at a very early stage of my career to be a part of the stream team here at gameface.

I would like to share to you all what kind of content I do and what to exepect from me if you come to support me at all.

The games I play are honestly anything. if there is something out there that has a good story,gameplay,graphics,scores,

voice acting and especially great multiplayer experience then I am in to give a game a go.

The rating of my streams are usually mature as there can be some swear words and other kinds of jokes thrown about.

some of these can be offensive to some people however I do like to listen to my community and it seems to be one of the

stregnths about me streams. it brings joy amd laughter and even some people join in on the chat. if I ever needed to change

im sure my community would help me make the decision and make sure its the right one.

I do host my own Podcast called TheGameFace this has recently been changed as I have become a member of gameface I enjoy doing

podcast’s because it lets people see our opinions and see what we stand for in the gaming world. we speak about topics

every week and want to focus on certain things and just speak away with eachother. its a great show should check it out.

Where i stream I will leave below this.


The main places I stream are mixer and facebook as these are place I enjoy to speak to the viewers and enjoy my day as a streamer.

make sure to show the love. I really am thankful for that.

Thank you for reading my Bio and make sure to keep your gameface on 🙂


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Mixer –

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Name: Darkandroid86
Age: 31
Location: Scotland
Streaming Platform –

Social Media: Twitter – @Darkandroid86
Snapchat – Darkandroid86
Insta – Darkandroid86

Platforms I play: PC and Xbox

Darkandroid86 – Twitch
Live With The Lads on PUBG!!!!



Name: SgtJake11B
Age: 35
Location: MN USA
Streaming Platform:
Social Media:
Snapchat: SgtJake11B

Platforms i play: PC regular games and virtual reality.